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This Fall:



  • Wednesday, 27th September
  • From 8.00am US East Time
  • To 1.00pm US East Time


Orange County Bar Association,

Orlando, FL



In this half-day hands-on workshop Diane Diaz, of The Brand Teacher, will walk attendees through activities and exercises to help them define their personal brand goals, get clarity on what their personal brand stands for, and develop an action plan to ensure their personal brand presence in person and online takes them in the direction of their goals.


Belinda MJ Brown, of Equanimity Executive, will explore with the participants the mindset and internal potential blocks limiting them to be who they truly are which lead them to be defined by how people perceive them. Belinda will help them debunk some of the unconscious limiting beliefs so they can show up authentically as who they are.

  • 1

    Identify the mindset to develop a successful personal brand

    Rely on Belinda's expertise to explore and debunk limiting beliefs and self-talks which impact your personal brand negatively

  • 2

    Understand the concept of personal branding

    Rely on Diane's expertise to teach you the dos and don'ts of personal branding so you can live your authentic personal brand and stand out from others in your industry

  • 3

    Develop a strong and authentic personal brand

    Diane and Belinda's objective is for you to leave the workshop with a defined idea of what your authentic personal brand is and the tools for getting it out into the world


Biggest takeaways: I am perceived in a more positive way than expected and I learned why I am personally limited and what I can do to overcome that.

It is a great way to learn more about yourself and why you do things the way that you do. It is very rewarding.

Amazing! Exceeded my expectations.
Kaley White, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

I gained so much insight about me and my goals. My biggest takeaways were: 1- seek my tribe 2- continue to personally develop

I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to become her best self.

Help Become My Best Self
Lisa Grau, Course Director, Full Sail University

What a refreshing morning. It was such a great way to revisit my values, my goals and create my focus plan.

My biggest takeaways: your personal brand is meant to attract and repel others. I plan to keep myself focused and aligned with my personal values.

Remember To Be MY Brand
Madison Wilkinson, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

My overall experience was very good. I loved being able to work through the exercises and understand my brand will either attract or repel. This workshop opened my eyes on ways of creating my brand.

Excellent Training!
Debb Walker, Photographer, Sunshine and Smiles Photography

This workshop was a needed amazingness in my life. It gave me a clear path to what I needed to do both logistically and spiritually.

My biggest takeaways were: 1- Connecting with other women in person is so valuable 2- I AM awesome!

This gave me such a necessary BOOST to move forward.

A Needed Amazingess
Meredith Coachie, Course Director, Full Sail University

I did not understand branding until today! If I can work on my personal brand, I can better represent myself and my start up. These takeaways are life changing!

Wonderful workshop! So informative, empowering and I am hungry for more.

Wonderful Workshop, I am Hungry For More!
Aldania Harvey, CEO, Two On An Island



  • 4

    Concrete goals and objectives for their personal brand

  • 5

    The confidence to fully own who they are wherever they are

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Q & A

  • Q.Who should attend?

    A.Any women wanting to be perceived and recognized for who she truly is and not what her unconscious behavior and brand are showing. Personal branding is the means by which people remember you, you better be in charge of your brand and take action.

  • Q.Can this help me to get ahead with my life and my career?

    A.Absolutely. Diane and Belinda believe there is strong correlation between how your brand is influencing your career and life. They both experienced this for themselves and assist their clients in owning a strong and authentic personal brand so they don’t have to worry about their career and personal success.

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