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This free webinar hosted by Belinda MJ Brown, Certified Executive Coach & Women Success Expert and Rose Rivera, Founder & Creator of Limitless Life Evolution, will provide you insightful information about how you you can reach greater success using what we all have freely available to us: energy. Belinda has been working with female leaders for the past 5 years and has assisted them to overcome the challenge of being a woman in a masculine corporate environment. Rose is supporting individuals to bring out consciousness, so they feel connected with each other.

In this free webinar your experts will discuss:

  • 1

    Self-awareness of your own energy

    Rely on Rose and Belinda's expertise

  • 2

    Understanding of the process to shift the energy in a room

    How you can impact your life, your team and your organization in an instant

  • 3

    The energy behind words and labels

    Yes, words and thoughts are the vehicle of energy and can limit or empower people

Q & A

  • Q.Who should attend?

    A.Anyone wanting to engage in more harmonious and effective relationships is welcome to attend using the most basic resource available to us: Energy. Nothing “woohoo” here. Science has proven we are made of energy and that we can choose how to use it. Whether you are a leader or future leader, a parent, or a student, you will find information to help you exude and get more high energy to support your success.

  • Q.Can this help me if I am already a successful individual?

    A.Rose and Belinda believe there are complementary ways and perspective leading to success. You will have access to wisdom and several tools, then you choose what works for you. Both our experts are lifelong learners and always driven by curiosity, you will hear here content that will provide you more success effortlessly.

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