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This program presented by Belinda MJ Brown, Certified Executive Coach & Women Success Expert and Evan Roth, Certified Executive Coach will provide you with weekly reflective work and exercise to continue your journey. Belinda has been working with female leaders for the past 5 years and has assisted them to overcome the challenge of being a woman in a masculine corporate environment. Evan is supporting men and women to bring out the best in them, so they feel comfortable in their leadership roles.

Your experts will discuss:

  • 1

    Practical information AND tools to set your mind free

    Rely on Evan and Belinda's expertise

  • 2

    The conscious and subconscious mind’s role

    How you can impact both

  • 3

    Develop Leadership Resilience

    Through regular practice you can change your world

Q & A

  • Q.Who should attend?

    A.Anyone wanting to experience higher performance and fulfillment at work and it its life. Whether you have experienced or not our coaching one-on-one you will benefit from the weekly concepts, principles and practical exercise. You can improve your personal energy and performance by developing awareness and modeling new behaviors to support your growth.

  • Q.I already have a coach, why should I join?

    A.Evan and Belinda believe there are complementary ways to tackle transformation and sustainable change. This program was designed to complement any previous personal and professional development work. They will bring tools and experience from the Energy Leadership Index, Emergenetics, DISC, Emotional Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence and more so you have access to wisdom and several tools to choose what works for you.

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WARNING:  This program is packed with high quality content and will fill up fast! We have 100 spots available for this first round so register now!

*  Team up to 25 members. Contact us for custom quote for your organization.