Day 20: My Simple Daily Routine for Executive-Level Mental & Physical Energy

Many people have asked me how I have the energy to be involved in so many activities, excel on so many fronts, at all hours of the day, and get so much done. And help my clients to do the same: to maintain their energy so they can be more productive.

High energy levels and clear thinking are crucial to building your success or to making a smooth change or transition.For myself, I have many interests and my curiosity ranges across many topics, so I need to be ready for anything! Here is a quick peek at my daily routine.

My top priority is the foundation of being, taking care of my physical body. To me that means integrating nutrition and exercise. Next comes the mind—making sure it’s clear and that I feel grounded at the start my day. I do believe it’s my job to model for my clients the health and mindset of an emotionally intelligent leader. That should be part of the job for any leader.

I’m not perfect. You can insert the word “usually” into these descriptions. But this routine is my daily goal and habit now, and I’m loving the results!.

Physical Routine

  1. Morning Run. Each morning I wake up and go for a run, for about 25-30 minutes. I’ve been doing this since October now, and it feels energizing. It helps me check on my energy levels and get them started.


  1. Morning Green Shake. When I get home, I create and drink a super green shake or vegetable smoothie. I make them most often with dandelion, spinach, and other greens along with flaxseeds to help me keep my energy up for the entire morning.


  1. Protein at Lunch. As a vegetarian, I need to be quite careful of the levels of vitamins that I’m getting and the quality of the protein that I’m eating as well. Lunchtime is when I am to get the types of protein that you can find in a plant-based diet.


I can feel how this one-two punch of greens in the morning and then protein at lunch helps me to keep my body healthy and feeling good. It’s important to maintain your physical vehicle, in order to be productive and energetic. You have to shake up your energy on a regular basis, too.

Mental and Emotional Routine

Also important is your mental and emotional state of mind, to maintain your ability to focus, lead calmly and withstand all that comes your way.

  1. Morning Meditation. Most mornings I do a meditation. It depends on the time I have between exercising and work. It may be 10 or 15 minutes or up to 30 minutes. I utilize different types of meditation and change them up regularly. (I do get bored very quickly if I don’t diversify my activities.) I may do transcendental meditation one morning and a binaural audio the next. Or I may do a walking meditation outside, where I practice mindful attention to everything that surrounds me—the birds and sounds of civilization, the sights I pass, the feel of the air and my clothes and my steps, as well as the internal feel of my body, my heart rate and my own breathing patterns.

The ideas I generate during my meditation times are amazing. They can easily fill a full page of one of my journals.

  1. Grounding into My Day. Another thing I do before starting my day is to make sure I’m grounded. I take a few minutes, usually in the shower, where I think about how I want my day to unfold. Typically I will name two or three things I want to accomplish during the day. (It doesn’t mean that always happens, but I do set the intention!)

Creativity Is the Key to Productivity and Resilience

Now you know a little more about me and how my daily routine helps me to be so energetic—by eating well, exercising, and aligning my mind and spirit. This routine provides the energy necessary for me to continue to grow and evolve as a person, too. It helps me produce and be creative.

Creativity is the key for me. It is in the creative realm that I find most of my energy. If I’m too tired, or I don’t exercise, or if my mind is not clear, then I cannot produce anything. If I can’t create, that in turn becomes a challenge that drains me even further. I feel unaccomplished and unfulfilled, unable to deliver the best of who I can be.

What do you do to keep your energy up? Share your favorite energy-charging activity in the comments. How do you maintain or improve your energy levels? Have you tried any of the activities I’ve mentioned?

If you have any challenges with maintaining your energy levels or your health routine, feel free to connect with me. An important part of leadership is maintaining your energy in order to be a healthy example for others. I would be happy to share insights related to energy leadership and productivity with you. That’s the value of coaching.

I’d love to see you formalize a routine that constantly replenishes your energy instead of leaving you feeling drained. Then you can most effectively help others while reaching your own goals and making a difference.


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