Day 23: There are 7 Levels of Consciousness

Day 23:

The 7 levels of consciousness can pertain to yourself as an individual as well as to your business, organization or team.


What is important to understand is that RIchard Barrett created the Value Center in London, UK, about 25 years ago. He is exploring values. As an executive coach, I have become certified in his cultural transformation tools since 2012. I use the model to explain to my clients how they can reach a higher potential or higher level of consciousness, not only for themselves but for the business they are running or the team they are leading. Let’s take a look at this tool.

1. Survival

Level 1 is similar to the base of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs. Whether you are an individual, or you are leading an organization or team, this level is simply survival mode. You are trying to establish that you or your company are sustainable, that you are safe, and that all of your basic needs for survival are met.

2. Relationship / Conforming

When you have checked all the bare-minimum boxes related to sex, safely, security and other foundations of life, you begin to develop relationships. Level 2 teams or businesses are building relationships between team members, or a coach or executive is creating relationships with her clients to build a sustainable stream of clients that can continue the viability of her venture or organization.


At an individual level, it’s very similar. When you have covered your basic survival needs, you start to move outward and interact with others to create relationships.

3. Self-Esteem / Differentiating

This level is about self-esteem, starting to build an ego that can stand on its own. This level is about knowing that we don’t have to be defined by others and understanding who we are as individuals. That means knowing our values, where we are, and owning who we are being as well. We begin to focus on the things that are really important for us in our life.


From an organizational standpoint, Level 3 is about knowing you have a place in the market, that your team has a solid foundation, and you are starting to think about processes and about performance. We are trying to automate as much as possible to focus on our core business. It’s the stage where you have typically established a brand and are in a place to look outward to the next step with continuous learning and improvement.


When I coach female executives, I most often meet women at level 2 or 3. They are usually transitioning from one role to another to gain a higher position or transitioning out of an organization and sometimes even opening their own business. Financial stability and security has been reached and they are creating the self-esteem and confidence level to pursue their individual life.

4. Transformation Mode (Adjustment, Improvement and Growth)

Level four of an org or individual is where we have owned who we are, we have all the foundations and are ready to ge to the next level, confident that we want to continue to learn. In this space, you will find people looking to find synergies, looking for creativities, innovation and expanding. It’s not only about the product that we have, but how do we get it to the next level, adjusting it for our audience, improving upon it.


At level 4 for individuals, it’s about how do you own your own personal brand and how do you make it evolve and make sure you continue to move forward with your career and continue as well to grow as an individual. It works as well for personal development. Who do I want to be now that I have reached my goals, what are the next steps? It’s really challenging the status quos in high energy level. Not because we have to but because we want to and we see the benefits of continuing to grow.


5. Internal Cohesion Mode (Partnerships, Reaching Out)


Level 5 is really a level where we are creating more partnerships outside of ourselves and our organizations. You feel comfortable here about everybody winning. It’s not about you or the other person but about collaboration and co-creation. Evaluating how you compete with others instead of competing against others. This is a place where you expand outward. You are expanding yourself or your products toward the community and assessing how you can make an impact or a difference.


6. Making a Difference Mode


Level six gets really interesting. Here we are getting into the realm of not only making a difference but a high-impact difference. Not only in our org but in the community or on the planet. It’s more about looking for sustainability and enriching the community as well and taking stands on positions related not only on business but to politics and issues that affect more than us.


On an individual level, you are not only being involved in the community but you are taking the lead to see how we can impact the community at large and the world.


7. Service Mode


This is the level of service, the level that has nothing to do with organizations. The org is just a mean to an end. Supporting an ecosystem. We are fully integrated in the system and we are not thinking any more about our own well-being of an individual or the wellbeing of our org because it’s well taken care of. So now it’s only about serving others, serving the world, and serving the community we are a part of.

Raise the Bar for Your Level of Consciousness

I hope this will help you evaluate better where you are and at which stage you are in your personal life or your career, your relationship or within your organization. If you find yourself limited at some point, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be perfect. I have had clients at level 4, continuous learning and improvement, who are also struggling with limiting beliefs or values related to money. So we really need to help you remove this background noise that is still limiting you so that you can continue to raise the bar and raise your level of consciousness without being distracted.


I hope you have found this interesting and that it helps you. I hope you will use this model for yourself, and to evaluate where you are with your business and what needs to be done to to get to the next level and continue to make you successful.

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